Laminate Cabinet Refacing Tips

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Laminate cabinet refacing is something that you can do easily at home. It is much less expensive than replacing your laminate cabinets completely. Refacing your cabinets will help them to look like new again. You will, however, have to understand the tricks and hints to make sure that you do it correctly and safely.


You will need to know the type of glue to use so that it will stick and work properly. Contact cement is recommended for this type of job. Using other types of glue will cause the laminate cabinets to become damaged to the point of no repair. You can find contact cement at any home improvement store.


When you use contact cement, you have one shot to get the placement correct. Once the surface is placed with the cement, the bond starts to form right away. If you have misaligned the face, you will have to use lacquer thinner to break the bond. This can be time-consuming, and could potentially damage the laminate. It's best to place everything and mark it before you start working with the cement.

Work Space

Refacing a cabinet will require that you use products that create heavy fumes. The glue alone that is used needs to be used in a well-ventilated area.