Laminate Countertop Resurfacing: Mistakes to Avoid

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Countertop resurfacing is an economical yet effective way to give your kitchen a new look. Although it is an easy do-it-yourself task, ensure that you avoid some common mistakes to achieve professional results.

Don’t Use Shortcuts

Despite the comparative ease of the task, reserve ample time to enable yourself to finish it carefully. Do not rush into your work without planning, and do not try to use shortcuts to save time. A little extra time spent in planning goes a long way to ensure the durability of the countertop.

Do Not Buy a Countertop of the Same Size

When buying a laminate top, ensure that its size is a few inches bigger than the measurements of the countertop. This will enable you to tamper the top into several designs while keeping its size suitable for the counter.

Do Not Install the Countertop without Using Sandpaper

Ensure that you clean the surface of the countertop after removing the old countertop. Use 400 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface. This will ensure that the new countertop will stick more firmly in its place and the cement will settle more firmly.