Landscape Edging Ideas

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  • 8-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-10,000

Landscape edging is a versatile decorative feature to divide your yard into areas of special interest and activities. Landscaping stone can be used to create these areas by building elevated flower beds, making tree rings, and creating a xeriscape garden.

1. Elevated Flower Beds

An elevated flower bed build with landscaping stone can be used to separate flowers that have different soil and watering needs. Choose a rectangular brick shape, square interlocking tiles, or a rough stone with mortar. Put in the correct soil for your plants, whether more acidic or more alkaline, and lay down landscape cloth just before planting. Water more often than ground-based flower beds.

2. Tree Rings

creating a tree ring border

Protect the roots of trees from the lawnmower with an ornamental tree ring. You can add a suitable mulch inside the tree ring, too, to promote moisture retention in the soil. Choose a brick or stone color that complements the house exterior or its trim, or match the rest of the garden layout.

3. Xeriscape Garden

Warm-climate garden landscaping can include a xeriscape of drought-resistant plants like cactus, grasses and yucca in a designated bed. Use a ground cover of crushed stones, and frame it with tan sandstone landscape edging.