DIY Landscaping Gravel

Many times landscape gravel is seen as underlying foundation or as a temporary fix but it can be seen as a unique material to accent your yard or garden. The best thing about landscape gravel is that it is easy to install and is low-maintenance over time. Here is a simple process for do-it-yourself landscape gravel.

Step 1 - Making the foundation

A great way to accent your landscape gravel is to have a rock or stone border outlining the area. Dig out the land where you want the landscape gravel to be. Depending on your border and the look you are going for you should only have to dig out a hole that is approximately 2-3 inches deep. The ground should be smooth and flat.

Step 2 - Installing the bottom layer of gravel

There are two types of gravel. One is called decorative gravel which comes in different colors and looks more appealing. It is also smoother and easier to walk on. The other type of gravel is road base gravel, which is your basic, cheap base rock. If you want a solid foundation and don't want to waste money, then you need to use road gravel as your base. Fill the area with the road gravel approximately 3/4 of the way high. Tamp down the gravel using a compactor to set up a nice and solid base for your decorative landscape gravel.

Step 3 - Adding your decorative landscape gravel

Add the decorative landscape gravel on top of the road base gravel until the whole area is filled. Level out the landscape gravel using garden rakes. Do not use a compactor on this type of gravel as it will not compact well and the landscape gravel may clog up the machine or worse shoot out of the machine causing damage or injury.

Decorative landscape gravel comes in various colors such as tan, gray, black, brown, and red. It also comes in different sizes and shapes. You can get 1/4 inch round pebble gravel or 1 inch crushed rock. It all depends on what style you wish to achieve.