Landscape Inspiration Slideshow

Retaining Beauty
Neatly landscaped yard with curving retaining walls made of river rock

If you're dealing with a yard that offers a slope or hillside, use it to your advantage by working in stacked rock retaining walls that bring visual appeal as well as support and structure for flowerbeds. 

Colorful Landscape
Colorful flower plantings throughout a large grassy yard

Who says flowerbeds need to be located on the edge of the yard? Bring flowers, shrubs, and plants front and center in an informal gathering of grouped plantings. 

Minimalistic Design
Minimalistic yard with lawn, stone pathway, and a large tree

Take away any distractions with a simple yard made up of a striking pathway and dominating tree as a focal point.

Water This Way
Water flowing down a rock waterfall surrounded by colorful flowers

The sounds of water are a natural pairing with any outdoor space. Create your own waterfall with large boulders and line the area with colorful plants that bloom throughout the seasons. 

Contoured Formality
A formal flower bed with white and pink flowers against the side of a house

If a clean and contoured look is your preferred style, maintain a strict definition between the lawn and the flowerbed. Layer colors in rows and intermingle evergreen shrubs. 

Informal Structure
An informal back yard with rustic appeal

For a backyard that feels like a garden shed is around every corner, allow for informal features like randomly-placed stepping stones. Bring in the rustic vibe with aged wood, rusty metal, and carefully selected planters. 

Natural Reflection
A curving stone walkway surrounded by plants

Although it looks a bit random, it's an intentional way to make the yard feel natural with a curving path that encourages a slower pace to take in the surrounding colors and textures. 

Sit in Solace
A backyard pond surrounded by chairs, large rocks, and plants

Build up a slope or eliminate the lawn, turning it into a peaceful sitting area with small pond and trickling waterfall. Surround the space with lighting and colorful plants. 

Meandering Ways
Formal landscaping with curved stone pathway

This design highlights a wide, meandering pathway that begs to be walked on. The surrounding landscape is formal and well manicured, continuously drawing the eye forward. 

Formal Entrance
A structured stone pathways with drainage, lined by tall flowers

Even a straight, long pathway brings its own atmosphere. This one offers a formal feel with an invitation to touch the variety of colorful plants lining the walkway. 

Contrast and Function
A large yard sectioned off with a grassy area, flower beds, and a stone walkway

A backyard serves many functions. In addition to a lawn for playing games and flowerbeds to house plants, formal walkways connect the spaces while adding texture and visual interest.

Lawn Central
Large grassy area surrounded by well maintained colorful plants

A lush green lawn is great for croquet and bocce ball, but that doesn't mean it has to be the only feature of the yard. The well developed flowerbeds offer color, depth, and a defining outline to the space.