Landscape Lighting Installation

What You'll Need
Electric landscape lighting kit
Approximately 100 feet of wiring

Landscape lighting installation refers to the installation of external lighting fixtures.

Instructions for Installing Your Landscape Lighting Fixture:

  1. Open your lighting kit and arrange wiring and components as they will be placed in your yard and around your home's exterior features.
  2. Dig a small trench to bury the wiring when finished.
  3. Run the wiring behind siding and trim of home to both disguise and secure.
  4. Locate the two terminals on the back of the transformer (A transformer reduces power from the house and distributes it to each light). Attach wiring to terminals and tighten screws to secure the wiring in place.
  5. Secure the transformer to side of house, then begin light assembly.
  6. Start by snapping black tiers onto the light globe. Push leads into light socket until you hear a click, then snap socket into bottom of the light glove.
  7. Add the light bulb, then the top.
  8. Add enclosed tube over the wires to protect them. Snap the tube into place at the bottom of the light unit and add ground stake at bottom.
  9. After deciding position of first light, pull enough wiring to work with.
  10. Attach wiring by snapping the two leads from the light over the main wire so that the teeth "bite" into the wire
  11. When finished assembling and connecting all lights, plug the transformer into a GFCI outlet.
  12. Bury the wiring.