Installing your Landscape Lighting Kit

To install a landscape lighting kit, you need to a screwdriver, wire stripper, wire nuts, spade, silicone sealant and a weatherproof outlet cover if one isn't already installed.

  • Each system has three parts; a transformer (converts your household current to 12 volts), one or more runs of cable (goes from the transformer to your lights) and the lighting fixtures.
  • Use a voltage meter to test your stems. Voltage issues lead to a bad operation and increased maintenance costs.
  • Solar lighting performance depends on the amount of light received during the day.
  • Avoid placing lights in turf where they are in harms way from mowers. Put them in mulch beds or a perch, like a wall or tree.
  • Area lighting shines in a 360-degree circle, great for flower gardens. Directional lights shine on trees or the side of your house.