Landscaping Around a Pool: 4 Ideas

Landscaping around pool area can be fun and enhance the enjoyment of the surroundings. There are many pool landscaping ideas, but there are some things to consider when landscaping for the pool area.

Patio area around the pool

Patios around the pool are typical as there will be lounge chairs, patio tables, and umbrellas. A large enough patio will keep the furniture within distance to the pool without getting in the way. Usually there is a concrete pad around the pool area, but this can be supplemented by an additional concrete pad to form the area for the table, chairs and umbrella. Other materials to consider are patio blocks or pavers. As long as the patio around the pool is graded away from the pool, drainage should be sufficient to keep water from seeping below the patio blocks.


Plants are typically used in landscaping around the pool area to provide beauty in and around the patio. There are come considerations to keep in mind when having plants around the pool. Consider plants in containers which can be moved around to change the landscaping when desired. In addition plants in a container can be brought in during the winter months so that they can be used again in the spring. Use plants that do not shed or hang over the pool so that leaves and twigs won’t be dropping into the pool to cause more work. If plants are to be grown in the ground around the pool, avoid those with heavy root systems which may damage the patio or lining of the pool. Shorter plant leaves and flower petals are less likely to be caught by the wind and blown into the pool. Choose plants which do not require a lot of pruning, especially over difficult to reach areas of the pool.

Trees and shrubbery

Where there is a pool, there are sure to be trees and shrubbery used to provide shade and privacy. Trees are good for providing cool spots for the yard, but there is always a good deal of leaves, twigs that will inevitably land in the pool. Avoid species of trees that have sweet sap or attract flies, bees or other biting insects. Choose seasonal trees that will drop all of the leaves in a short period so that cleanup will also be short. Fruit trees also drop fruit which can create a mess and attract insects and birds. Avoid evergreens and other trees which do a good job of providing privacy but if placed too near the pool area will drop sharp needles and twigs where people may step.

Select the proper grass and lawn.

A lawn area is desirable near the pool area to absorb excess water and provide cool surfaces for swimmers to step. Certain grasses grow shorter with good root systems that can withstand the amount of treading and water that will accompany the areas around a pool. Brown spots are difficult to take care of and will require some work to restore if there is damage.