Landscaping with Your Flower Bed: Choosing a Location

A flower bed.

You may not consider yourself an experienced landscaper. However, you will want to keep these landscaping tips in mind when choosing a location for your flower bed.

1. Maintenance

Choose a location for placement of your flower bed that is easy to maintain and that meets your needs. Make sure water is accessible. You may want footpaths, stepping stones, or raised beds for ease of care. Make your flower bed a size that is manageable for you.

2. Showcases Your Yard

Choose a location that is attractive where the flowers will highlight other plants and features in your garden. If you have a water feature such as a pond, you may want to place your flower bed near the water feature and provide seating to enjoy both.

3. Fits In with your Yard

Choose a location that is appropriate for planting flowers: sunny, flat, not sloping, and with good, well-draining soil. Look at the plants, shrubs, and trees that you already have in your garden, or what you are planning to install, and make sure the flower bed fits in. Choose a location that is large enough to accommodate the plants you want to plant.

Make your choices and plan in the winter and you will be prepared for spring flower bed planting.