Lap Joint 101

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A lap joint is mainly seen in the welding field when it’s used to help extend a piece of steel or even to thicken it. A lap joint attaches two pieces of metal together. Even if you’ve never welded before, creating a lap joint is one of the easiest things to learn following these steps.

Step 1 - Clamp

Find the two pieces of metal that you would like to combine and clamp them together where they are to be connected.

Step 2 - Weld

Take your time and tack weld the two pieces together. By taking your time you will ensure that the pieces stay in position and don’t get connected wrong. As you’re welding, double-check your work. Weld all three sides until there’s silver weld all around it.

Important Tips for Creating a Lap Joint

When creating a lap joint you should make sure that the steel that is being used is rust free. Remember that the two pieces that you are welding need to be on the same plane.

Don’t forget to maintain your tools. This is especially true for the welding gun as it needs to drive rolls and a good cleaning to continue to work properly.