Last Minute Gifts You Can Make Yourself

woman building wooden shelf
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The holidays are creeping around the corner, and if you've made a list and forgotten to check it twice, these easy last-minute DIY gifts may just save Christmas (or Hanukkah).

DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

Your bookish friends can be hard to gift, especially if you don't know what they've been reading in the past few months. Skip the line at Barnes & Noble and get crafty instead.

If you're good with woodworking, consider building a simple bookshelf. If you've got less time and an old book, craft an easy DIY book safe. You can also always create something like a custom flower-pressed bookmark using resin or sew a book cover. If you're stuck looking for an idea, start with your friend or family member's favorite book and go from there.

You can find more book-related DIYs here.

man building wooden bookshelf

DIY Gifts for Crafters

If you've got a fellow DIY enthusiast in your life, consider giving the gift of crafting. Head to your favorite craft store and put together a DIY project kit.

For example, if you've got a quilter to gift you could put together a quilt kit. Purchase a pattern and the necessary fabric and thread. Put it all together in a little basket and wrap it up. It's fast, easy, and very personal.

You can also gift your time. If you've got a friend who wants to learn your trade, offer to dedicate a few hours to teach them. This last-minute DIY requires no time at all to gift but will require you to put in the hours later on.

man building wooden bookshelf

DIY Gifts for Family

We love upcycling and thrifting, both of which can help you create an easy gift for family members. Head to a local thrift store and find some old frames. Bring them home and put your best DIY skills to good use. Paint, sand, stain, or simply clean up the old frame, then slip your favorite photo behind the glass and you have an instant holiday hit. This may not seem like an intense DIY, but it's a fast one for sure. If though, you want to go a little further with this craft, create a collage using photos, paper, dried florals, and other fun mediums and mount it behind the glass for a one of a kind gift.

Other last-minute DIY gifts for families include a gift basket created around a theme the receiver loves, DIY clay jewelry, handcrafted coasters, or a nice plant in a handmade planter.

cacti in homemade cement pots on slate rocks

DIY Gifts for Food Lovers

If you've got a little chef in your life, create a custom cookbook full of your favorite recipes from around the web to save them the browsing time. Another great recipe gift involves framing a sentimental recipe in a floating frame. Find a handwritten recipe from grandparents or someone important and frame the original recipe in a classic floating frame. It's an elegant gift that requires little work for lots of reward.

If you sew, you've got a place in the DIY gift kitchen too! Throwing together a few simple hot pads, oven mitts, or aprons may seem simple, but this personal gift goes a long way.

hands refubishing wooden frame

DIY Gifts for People Who Are Impossible To Gift

We've all got someone who falls into this category on our list and it's never fun. We have a few go-to's when it comes to gifting people on this list and we usually start with a DIY candle or DIY soap. Candles and soap are universally loved and being able to create them with a DIY makes the gift feel personal, instead of impersonal or unthoughtful.

You can click here to check out our guides for pouring your own soap (the easy way) and crafting a scented candle.

homemade soap wrapped in burlap

Regardless of how you choose to gift this holiday season, making your gifts feel personal is easy when you add a card. Whether you craft a card DIY style or just grab a pack at the store, taking the time to write even a simple card can turn any present into a gift.