Lawn Care Tips for Heavy Snow Locations

Lawn care in colder areas that suffer from heavy snow falls will ensure healthy grass all year round. If you do not carry out cold weather lawn care, there is a strong possibility that you will have brown patches in your lawn in the spring. 



Towards the end of fall you should mow your lawn thoroughly. You can still mow your lawn in the winter but lower the mower blades to 2 inches and only mow if necessary 



It is important that air is able to get to the roots of your grass which is why aeration is vital for cold lawn care. Aeration will also improve drainage and will lead to a healthy spring lawn. Light piercing of the ground with a garden fork is the most effective way to aerate your lawn. 


Remove garden debris

Snow lawn care is essential if heavy frosts or snow is forecast. Remove all toys and other garden debris from your lawn surface because once the snow comes, these objects will suffocate your grass and this will result in brown patches developing. 



If there are a lot of leaves on your lawn, you will need to remove most of them. A small amount of leaves spread thinly over the grass will decompose and will turn into mulch. This will add nutrients to your grass.