Lay Tile Over Wall Wood Paneling

What You'll Need
Wall Tiles
Thin Set Mortar
Mortar Trowel
Tile Spacers
Tile Cutter
Grout Trowel

Wall wood paneling adds a rich elegance to a home, and it is ideal for cold climates. It is a popular decorating style among homeowners, and the paneling is durable. You can lay tiles over wall wood paneling, and it is not a difficult project. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to lay tile over wall wood paneling.

Step 1 – Draw Lines

Position a wall tile (height) against the base of the wall wood paneling from the floor. Add ¼ inch to the height of the wall tile, and make a mark using a pencil. Then, use a level and pencil to draw a horizontal line across the base of the wall wood paneling based on the pencil marking. Draw a line vertically from the top of the wall wood paneling down to the bottom, making sure that it is drawn in the center of the wall.

Step 2 – Apply Thin Set Mortar

Spread the thin set mortar with a mortar trowel across the entire bottom wall length. It should be spread starting from the floor and pass the horizontal line. You should still see the line through the mortar.

Step 3 – Lay the Tiles

Starting from the vertical line, press the wall tiles onto the wood paneling under the horizontal line. Place tile spacers in between the wall tiles. After working the wall tiles through the end of the first row, use tile cutter to trim the tiles as needed. Lay the wall tiles on the second row through to the top of the wall in the same way you work the tiles in the first row.

Step 4 – Apply Grout

After you have laid the tiles over the entire wall, let the mortar rest for at least 24 hours. After it has set, remove the tile spacers. Use a grout trowel to apply and press the grout into the space between the wall tiles. Scrape and wipe off the excess grout with a damp sponge.