Layering Your Rock Garden Design

What You'll Need
Shovels or spades
Work gloves
Assorted colors and sizes of rocks

A rock garden can add beauty and style to any landscape, especially if your property has a pronounced slope on one side. Planning and developing a beautiful rock garden is not as difficult as you might think, and this feature can increase beauty and value to any home. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create a layered rock garden.

Step 1 - Choose an Area

Slopes make the best choice for a layered rock garden as their natural incline makes viewing the different layers of a rock garden easy and makes the garden more attractive. If you do not have a slope on your property, you can have dirt hauled in and create one. However, this may considerably increase the time and expense required to create your  rock garden.

Step 2 - Plan Ahead

Make a detailed sketch of how you would like your layered rock garden to look. Think of it as a pyramid in terms of design, and make drawings and notes on each layer to describe the look that you want to achieve.

Step 3 - Plan Size and Scope

Consider how wide and how tall you want your layered rock garden to be. This will give you a good indication of the amount of dirt you want to bring in if necessary. It will also tell you how much rock you'll need to purchase.

Step 4 - Place Rock

To begin, place rocks of a similar size on the same level layer. If possible, position them in a semicircle fashion. Use shovels and spades to dig out space for the stones, and keep in mind that the depths of holes required will vary.

Try to ensure that the flow of the stones is relatively flat and that they are at the same level as others on the same layer.

Step 5 - Leave Room for Flowers and Plants

When placing stones, leave enough room in between rocks for flowers and plants. Add colorful flowers and plants to help provide a striking contrast to the duller colors of your rocks, creating a more beautiful rock garden. Consider mixing sand with your soil to provide better drainage for flowers and plants.

Step 5 - Choosing Flowers and Plants

Choose flowers and plants that can thrive in your rock garden and its pH level. Good mulching and composting methods will also help plants do well. Most types of perennials or annuals will do great in rock gardens so long as you follow proper watering, mulching and fertilizing methods for them.