Laying A Cedar Shake Roof

Laying a cedar shake roof is a great way to give your home a fantastic new look. They are usually a lot more expensive than asphalt shingles, and are much harder to install, but the look you get will be well worth the work involved. Here is what you should know about cedar shake roofing materials.

Check Building Codes

Many localities have restrictions on cedar shake roofing. Since it’s made of a product that is not fire resistant, many fire codes and building codes will not allow you to use real cedar shake. If this is the case and you are still insistent on installing this type of roof, you will need to look in to other options. There are shingles available that resemble shake and are fire retardant. They may not look as authentic, but can still give you a great look.

Understand the Difficulty

Installing any kind of roofing is a physically draining job. Cedar shake roofs are harder to do than standard asphalt. The measurements have to be exact and the material is harder to work with. If you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer you may want to consider having the roof professionally installed.

The Basics

If you are installing a new roof you will need to lay an underlayment before you start on the cedar shake. If you have an asphalt roof that is not damaged you can install the shake over it in most cases.