Laying Brick Paving Stones

Lead Image
  • 3-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-3,000
What You'll Need
2x4 board
Paver sand
Plate vibrator
Brick paving stones
Tape measure

The process of laying brick paving stones is a simple one and can be done by many do-it-yourselfers. Putting brick pavers in an outdoor space can add an old-world feel to the area. You will enjoy the results as long as the project is done correctly. Here are the basics of laying brick paving stones in an outdoor space.

Step 1 - Decide on a Pattern

There are many potential ways that you could lay out the brick pavers. Come up with a diagram of how you are going to lay everything out, and it will be much easier to put it into practice.

Step 2 - Measure the Space

Determine how many square feet you'll be covering with pavers. Take your tape measure and get a length and width of the space. Multiply the two numbers together and this will give you the square footage. Add 5% to 10% to that number for waste and you should have enough to do the job.

Step 3 - Mark the Utilities

Before you ever put a shovel in the ground, you need to have the utilities clearly marked. Call your local utility company and they should be able to help you determine exactly where water, gas, and electrical lines could be. This will keep you safe and prevent any large repair bills.

Step 4 - Excavate the Ground

In order to install the pavers correctly, you will need to excavate the site. Dig up the ground about 6 to 8 inches. Make sure that the ground is as smooth and level as possible.

Step 5 - Install the Frame

The outside of the project needs to have a frame around it to hold everything in. You can create the outside frame with bricks as an easy solution. You can anchor the bricks in place with concrete or stakes.

Step 6 - Lay Gravel

For the bottom layer of the project, you will need to lay gravel. The gravel should be approximately 4" thick. This will provide a solid foundation for the brick paving stones and will prevent too much movement.

Step 7 - Lay the Sand

After the gravel is in place, you need to cover it with paver's sand. The sand layer should be about 2 to 3 inches deep. Once you have enough sand in the space, take a 2x4 and level it out. Use a level to determine if the sand is actually level and smooth.

Step 8 - Lay the Brick Paving Stones

Once the sand is smooth, lay the brick paving stones in the pattern that you specified earlier. Use the level to make sure that they're all level. Use a plate vibrator to pack them all into the sand evenly and firmly.

Step 9 - Fill in the Cracks

Once the brick paving stones are in place, fill in the gaps with extra sand. This will help keep the pavers in place and give it a finished look.