Laying Patio Bricks

What You'll Need
Crushed stone
Masonry sand
Landscaper's fabric
Rubber mallet
Measuring tape
Patio bricks
Wooden stakes

Do not hire a professional in order to lay down patio bricks. Laying down patio bricks is a job that most professionals assume a homeowner wouldn't do. Designing your own patio, laying down the patio bricks and seeing the project come to fruition is a great reward. Doing it yourself will save you hundreds of dollars plus it is not that difficult to do and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Patio Framing and Excavation

Decide where to put your patio and stake out the perimeter. Tie string around the stakes so that they are roughly one inch off of the ground. Use the tape measure and get precise measurements for the patio so that you can purchase the right amount of patio bricks to cover the area. Use your shovel and begin removing the dirt from inside the staked out area. Make the excavated area about 4 inches deep. Use the hoe to till the soil and then tamp it down flat. Make sure the ground is level and, if not, continue excavating and tamping until satisfied.

Step 2 - Base of the Patio

Roll out the landscaper's fabric and cut it to the size of the excavated area. Depending on the size of the patio and the landscaper's fabric you purchased you may have to piece it together to cover the area. Place the landscaper's fabric inside the hole. If you had to cut it in pieces then overlap the edges. This fabric will prevent weeds from growing between your patio bricks. Cover the carpenter's fabric with crushed stone. Use the how to evenly spread them out and then tamp them down. Add and remove crushed stone as needed in order to keep it level. You want to have about an inch of crushed stone. Next, dump masonry sand on top of the crushed stone. Use the hoe to spread it out and the tamper to pack it down. You want about two inches of sand. Use the hose and water the sand. Wait a full day and then tamp it down again. This will create a solid sand base for the patio bricks.

Step 3 - Placing Patio Bricks

Begin placing the patio bricks inside the excavated area. Do not slide them in place because you can disturb the sand base. Use the plywood inside the excavated area to kneel on as you place the patio bricks. This will prevent you from disturbing the base. As you place the bricks tap them down with the mallet to set them in the sand. Continue placing the patio bricks until you are finished.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Pour masonry sand over the patio bricks and use the broom to push it into the cracks and crevices. Spray the patio down with water to remove the excess sand and to compact the sand in the spaces. Repeat this step several times until the holes are tightly packed.