Laying Stamped Colored Concrete: Mistakes to Avoid

Stamped colored concrete is used in various projects for exterior home improvement. It is relatively easy to install it yourself, but you need to make sure that you refrain from committing some mistakes.

Failure to Work in the Right Weather Conditions

It is important to refrain from starting the laying process if the weather is going to be wet or have a high humidity. Choose a dry, sunny day for best results.

Placing the Control Joints in Compromising Locations

Bear in mind that while the concrete starts drying up it will shrink too. This may cause cracks if you do not make an allowance by installing control joints. However, you will need to make sure that the setting of the control joints does not affect your patterns. Failure to plan it out beforehand will most likely end up in an unsatisfactory result.

Failure to Set a Suitable Foundation

If you do not set a suitable foundation of compacted, crushed rocks, the final result when you lay the concrete will be unsatisfactory.

Not Spreading the Concrete Color Powder Properly

If you do not spread the concrete color powder well, the stamping will not be made properly. You have to spread it evenly. For better results you should also spread some release powder.

Not Aligning the Concrete Stamp Neatly

It is crucial that once you start stamping one area of the concrete, you proceed to the next area linearly. Failure to align the concrete stamp with the adjacent stamped concrete will not create as beautiful a finished surface as it could have been.

Not Adding Enough Layers of Color

Excess color can be rinsed off. So, do not refrain from adding additional layers of color.