Laying Terra Cotta Tile

Lead Image for Laying Terra Cotta Tile

One of the most unique and interesting pieces of tile that's available for your indoor or outdoor home redecorating project is terra cotta tile. Each individual tile made from terra cotta is unique, and no two of them will look the same. By installing terra cotta tile in your home, you ensure that the area in which you place them will have a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Fortunately, installing these fixtures in your home is a relatively straightforward task as well.

Mark the Center of the Wall

Use a tape measure to find the exact center of each wall in the room in which you'll place the terra cotta tile. Next, use the chalk box to draw a straight line from the center of the wall to the center of the opposite wall across the room. Check on the point at which the chalk box line connects to both walls with the carpenter's square to be sure that it's entirely square. Repeat the process for the other set of walls as well.

Start Laying the Tile

Mix up the adhesive batch in an appropriate container and per the instructions on the adhesive product. Use the trowel to apply a small amount of the adhesive to the back of one of the terra cotta tiles, then quickly lay the tile down on the floor so that it fits exactly into one of the corners in which the chalk lines intersect. Repeat this process for a second tile, which can be placed in another of the corners at the intersection of the same lines. Use a tile spacer to leave a small amount of space between these two tiles. Continue by placing more tiles in the other corners, also using spacers, then by placing tiles around the edges of each of these.

Check for Level

Use your carpenter's level to check on the level of the tiles and to ensure that they're even. Do this before the adhesive sets.

Continue to Lay Tile

Lay additional tiles to cover the same area that you initially did, then repeat step 3 for the new tiles as well. You may need to begin to cut pieces as you get toward the edge of the room; be sure to wear appropriate safety gear when using your stone cutting wheel to do so. Measure each tile for cutting carefully to ensure a good fit.

Apply Presealer and Grout

Once all the tiles have been laid out and the adhesive has dried, mix up the grout and apply a layer of pre-sealer to the space between each tile. When that has dried, remove the spacers and apply grout in each of the areas between the tiles.