Lean To Carport vs Free Standing Carport

Lean to carport and free standing carport are two of the most commonly utilized carports. A carport is a structure made along a house that offers limited shelter to the car. Although much like a garage in function, the carport in no way gives as a much shelter to the car as a closed garage does. In terms of protection, both the abovementioned types of carports are similar; they ensure that the car is protected from blistering heat or rains and storms. However, these two types of carports differ in in terms of the manner in which they are built.

Lean To Carports

A lean to carport has an inclined roof, and therefore, it looks like an integral part of the house structure. This carport is made in a way that it utilizes the wall of the house on one side. It is, therefore, not incorrect to say that the lean to carport is simply an extension of the existing building. In fact, if you use the same roofing materials that are used for your house, you can get the carport to blend in with the house completely. In a lean to carport, it is extremely essential to match the pitch of the roof of the house to the roof of the lean-to carport. Since the whole idea of building this kind of a carport is blending in, the roofs should ideally match perfectly.

Free Standing Carports

As their name suggests, free-standing carports are standalone structures that may even be made at a distance from the structure of the house. The roof of a free standing carport can be in any form. You can have a flat roof on the carport or even a sloping one. Since this structure is built away from the main structure of the house, it does not matter what kind of roof lines, pitch and materials are used to build it.

Lean-To vs. Free-Standing

A free standing carport does not need to blend in with the structure because it is built as a stand-alone carport. Mostly, a free-standing carport is made up of an aluminum or steel framing. In terms of usage, while lean to carports are usually erected in places where space is an issue, free standing carports are built in places where area is not a limitation. Moreover, a lean to carport requires extensive planning and construction, and on the other hand, a free-standing carport is often available in do-it-yourself kits. Further, a free-standing carport is usually the less expensive alternative for a carport. A lean-to carport requires not only the same kind of building materials as that of your house but also a lot of labor, and hence, the cost of construction is considerably higher than that of a free-standing carport. In most cases, constructing a lean-to carport will require the assistance of an experienced contractor and professionals. In fact, some minor modifications to the structure of your house may also be needed.