Learn How To Make Candles in Four Easy Steps

White candle with lace wrapped around it

Learning how to make candles is a fun and easy way to contribute to the décor of your home. Simply follow the four easy steps below to learn how to make a candle and you'll be creating your very own in no time.

Step 1 - Create or Purchase a Mold

You have the choice to either make a mold yourself or to purchase one from an art store. If you are making your mold, make sure you choose an item with a wide top and small base. After you have chosen your mold, be sure to place a thin layer of vegetable oil on the inside of the mold so the candle will come out smoothly once its finished cooling.

Step 2 - Heat the Wax

melted candle wax

If you do not have a double broiler to heat the wax for your candle, you can easily create one. Take one of your pots and fill it with about 3 inches of water. Then, place a coffee can into the water to imitate a boiler. Last, heat the water on high and insert your wax into the can. Once the water is boiling, insert your candle wax product into the can. Let the wax melt until is it see-through, then it is ready to be poured into the mold.

Step 3 - Pour into the Mold

Once the wax is ready, go ahead and pour it into your mold. Be careful with this step as the wax will be very hot to the touch.

Step 4 - Insert the Wick and Let Cool

For the wick, take a piece of cotton string and tie it to a pencil. Then, place the pencil across your mold with the melted wax so the string sits in the center of the mold. Once the wick is inserted, place the entire mold in the refrigerator to cool until the wax has completely hardened.