Learn How to Sew: Sewing Cushion Covers

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What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Hook and loop tape
Grocery bags

Sewing cushion covers is an easy, cost effective way to update or transform any piece of furniture. Whether you are covering a chair cushion, a couch cushion or bench cushion, follow these instructions to make simple covers that will compliment your decor.

Step 1 - Measuring the Cushion Cover

Measure the length and width of the top and bottom of the existing cushion. Add four inches to the length measurement and four inches to the height measurement to account for the seams. You will be purchasing one yard of fabric for every three feet measured. Measure the height of the cushion.

Record all the measurements, because they'll be needed when designing the pattern.

Step 2 - Purchasing the Fabric and Closures

Choose fabrics that are durable and will withstand repeated use. Make sure to buy at least one yard of extra fabric to match any strips or patterns. Purchase a roll of hook and loop tape. These typically come in lengths of one to three yards.

Step 3 - Making the Pattern

Cut a paper grocery bag so that it lays flat. Discard the bottom of the bag. You may need to put several bags together to fit the measurements of the entire cushion.

Using a measuring tape, draw the measurements of the cushion's top and bottom face onto the bag(s). Remember to add four inches to the length and four inches to the width measurements. To make the pattern for the sides of the cushion, follow this formula: Length multiplied by two, plus width multiplied by two.

Cut a strip that is the length of that sum. The width of the strip will be the measurement of the height of the original cushion. Remember to add two inches to both the length and width of the strip.

Step 4 - Sewing Cushion Covers

Pin the patterns to the fabric and cut. Make sure to cut one piece for the top of the cushion and one piece for the bottom. Remove the pins from the pattern and the fabric. You may want to save the pattern for later use.

Pin the ends of the long strip of fabric together and sew a one inch seam. Remove the pins.

With the seam lines facing toward you, starting at the center of the back of the piece that will be the cushion's top, pin the sewn strip all the way around the top piece. Sew a two inch seam around the two pieces.

Pin the bottom of the cushion to the bottom of the long strip of fabric. Sew around the front and two sides of the two pieces, leaving a two inch seam.

Step 5 - Adding the Closure

Cut a length of hook and loop tape that measures the same length as the back side of the cushion. Sew one side of the tape to the long strip of fabric and the other to the back of the cushion. Put the old cushion inside the new cushion cover.

You did it! Now that your sewing confidence is growing, think about adding some fringe!