Learn How to Sew: Sewing Fringe on a Pillow

Sewing fringe on a pillow is a lovely and simple way to add beauty and flair to any room in your home. Small decorative touches are the fastest and easiest way to add warmth and charm and a fringed pillow is a great way to achieve that. Additionally, they are far less expensive then other more dramatic cosmetic changes. Mastering the technique is simple and is a significant step on becoming a well-rounded sewer.


Every sewer needs a good reliable sewing machine. Using one on this craft project is a necessity for creating a quality look. You can use any standard throw pillow and attach the fringe using a straight stitch on the edges. Make sure to sew from the center of one of the sides and sew to the corner. You want to finish the side by going back and forth towards the end. This will hold the seem and keep the fringe firmly in place.

Common Mistakes

When sewing you will want to keep the fringe pinned together to keep from accidentally sewing down any of the fringe pieces. You can do this by pinning the fringe to the opposite side where you are sewing. This will prevent the fringe from being pinned to the pillow and keep it dangling free for the proper effect.