About Leather Chairs

Leather chair

When thinking of a leather chair, the traditional Queen Anne style chair comes to mind, or the leather drawing room chair, but leather chairs come in all kinds of shapes, styles, decors, colors – almost anything you might imagine. You can find an art deco leather chair, spring back leather chair, Callaway style, leather office chair, bounce arm chair, reclining leather chair, swivel leather chair, leather dining chair – the list goes on and on.

Care of Your Leather Chair

Unlike wooden chairs, which need only occasional care, a leather chair needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Though the treatments necessary to keep your leather chair new and supple are relatively simple, they must be done periodically.

The best way to know if your leather chair needs to be treated with leather treatment is by touch. The leather should be soft and supple, it should move easily to the touch, it should feel smooth and should the fingers should slide along the leather without resistance. In treating the leather, there are any number of good leather treatment sprays and products on the market, and can be found at a hardware store or leather shop.