Leather Desk Chair Cleaning and Care

Your home office was designed very carefully right down to the leather desk chair you sit on. After all you spend so much time in your office you might as well be comfortable. But after years of use your leather chair is starting to show some visible signs of wear. There’s oil stains and dirt that make the chair look like you purchased it from an antique store. Before you rush off to purchase a new one you should know there are several products and methods you can use to not only clean the chair but extend its life.

Cleaning Your Desk Chair

Over the course of use your leather desk chair will absorb body oils and dirt which will cause its color to fade. A high-quality water based foam leather cleaner will remove the toughest dirt and stains you could possibly imagine. Today’s leather is much too delicate to withstand a cleaning from saddle soap, the preferred method from years past. The same goes for car cleaners designed for vinyl and leather as they leave and oily residue after use. A good foam cleaner with some warm water and a sponge is all that’s required. For extremely dirty chairs several scrubbings will probably be required. Remember, the more elbow grease, the faster the job will go.

Caring for Your Leather Desk Chair 

After cleaning you can apply a water based leather protector which forms a barrier against dirt and oils. Although a leather protector is a significant help in preventing the accumulation of dirt, it is not impenetrable. It’s also important to remember that leather dehydrates over time. Therefore, it’s imperative that the leather is wiped down with a damp cloth every few months. Again, heavy oil based protectors or car care products are the worst thing you can apply since they cause the leather to crack. A water based protector is your safest bet and will make future cleaning much easier. Trust me, you’ll be happy you took the extra time to use the protector the next time you go to clean you chair.

Owning a beautiful leather desk chair can really compliment your office and grab people’s attention when they enter. The last thing you want people to see is a dirty chair that could reflect poorly on you. Regular maintenance of your leather chair will ensure that it looks great for years to come.