Leather Living Room Furniture - Keep It From Cracking

 Take precautionary care to protect your leather living room furniture from cracking.

Position Leather Furniture Away From Heat Sources

The greatest threat to your leather furniture is heat, which causes the material to dry out and become brittle. Make sure you position your leather furniture away from both windows and direct heat sources.

How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Liquid spills must be wiped up immediately; otherwise, the leather will eventually absorb the liquid. Do not use any kind of oil-based products on your leather furniture. These can build up over time and eventually cause cracking. You should also avoid using any kind of harsh cleaner or any product that contains ammonia. A gentle soap can be used for regular cleaning, and there are also several products on the market specifically made for cleaning leather.

Condition Your Leather Furniture

A leather conditioner should be applied to your furniture every 6 to 12 months. This will help keep your furniture supple and also protect it against spills and stains.