Ledger Strip

A ledger strip is an important piece of lumber because it is nailed into the side of a beam to help form support for the joists. A ledger strip is used on more than just houses. They are commonly found in various different installation processes. This guide is to help install a ledger strip on a hot tub.

Installing a Ledger Strip on a Hot Tub

  • You will want to take a 2 by 4 piece of lumber and cut three separate ledger strips from it.
  • One ledger strip should be 60” while the two end strips must be lower than 39 ¾” above the floor.
  • You will want to double check the ledger strip to make sure that its level before you bolt it into place.
  • Finally attach the strips to the studs using the large head roofing nails. Remember that the nails have to penetrate the studs by at least an inch. If it’s not deeper than an inch it could cause them to pop out and lose the ledger strip support.