Legend Premium Vinyl Fences FAQs

What is Legend Premium Vinyl made of?

Legend is made from rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), an extremely versatile plastic that is extruded for superior performance, stability, weatherability, low maintenance, and long life.

How popular are vinyl building materials?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is used in virtually every industry. Because of its low maintenance and durability, vinyl is a popular alternative for products normally constructed of wood-such as fences, gazebos, decks, siding and window frames.

How is Legend Premium Vinyl made?

The two most common methods for manufacturing vinyl fencing are a mono-extrusion process that uses one vinyl compound and a co-extrusion process that uses two or more vinyl compounds. The co-extrusion process lets a manufacturer engineer a product with greater strength and durability. The best products are made from virgin vinyl, which ensures that the product is made using raw material most appropriate for its application. For vinyl to have the characteristics necessary for fencing, it must be combined with special additives and modifiers to make it strong and durable. Master-Halco uses a formula that contains UV inhibitors that guard against the sun's harsh rays and additives that make the vinyl rigid, yet flexible enough to resist cracking.

How safe are vinyl fence systems?

Unlike some treated wood fencing, vinyl is an environmentally safe material with no toxins to pollute the sky or seep into the ground. Vinyl fencing has a smooth surface and there are no nails, sharp edges or splinters.

Aren't all vinyl fences the same?

No. Vinyl fence system components are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness. To reduce costs, some manufacturers decrease their wall thickness, resulting in reduced strength.

Don't all vinyl fences stand up to wear and tear?

Not necessarily. A light (standard) system may bend easily, even in normal use. Additionally, a weak fastening system for a post and rail connection can result in poor performance and result in dislodged rails. However, a properly engineered system with a heavier wall thickness and secure rail connection will make a vinyl fence stronger and more durable.

How are Legend Premium Vinyl fence systems installed?

Legend vinyl fence systems install much like a wood fence. The posts come routed from the factory and the components are precut for standard installation. Rails are inserted into the routed holes in the posts. The heavier wall post and rail configuration along with the notched rails contributes to greater resistance to pull-out and stronger fastening for better performance. Post caps are attached after the fence is installed.

Will vinyl be more expensive than wood?

A wood fence system may initially cost less than vinyl, but wood systems require maintenance. Conversely, vinyl fencing has almost zero maintenance cost, particularly compared to painted wood fences. Unlike wood, vinyl isn't subject to termite infestation, which can increase the likelihood of costly partial or full replacement of a wood fence system. Although your initial investment may be more with vinyl, the cost difference is quickly eliminated when you consider the substantial cost of maintaining a wood fence.

Will a quality fence cost more?

Yes. Good-quality material and workmanship always costs more than sub-standard products, while labor, concrete and building materials cost the same regardless of the chosen material quality. Although a sub-standard product may cost less, the risk of future maintenance and/or replacement cost outweigh any benefits the lower price may seem to offer.

Are all product warranties the same?

No. A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. The fence industry has seen products and/or companies enter the market, only to leave homeowners with a worthless piece of paper as a product warranty. That's why you should check out the reputation of the company offering the warranty, just as you would when choosing the right contractor.

What should I ask for before I invest in a fence?

You've made a great start by reading this information. Ask your dealer to give you detailed material specifications on the products he/she is proposing. Ask for samples of the product and make comparisons.

Courtesy of Master Halco - www.fenceonline.com