Legs for Lawn Patio Chairs That Won't Dig

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Lawn patio chairs are an essential part of your summer outdoor living. There are several different varieties of outdoor lawn patio chairs that will compliment any type of patio, deck, pool area, or landscaping. However, one of the problems associated with these types of chairs is the way they dig up the yard. For many people with well-maintained yards, their biggest problem is not pests, bugs, or family pets. It's the damage caused by the very lawn patio chairs that they are using. This problem can be very easily rectified by reading up on furniture legs that won't dig into your lawn.

Legs That are Curved

The worst kind of legs you can have for your lawn patio chairs are straight legs. They will dig into the soil and cause holes. These holes can invite bugs and leave bare patches. The grass and soil have a way of working themselves into the legs too.

Instead of four legs for your lawn chair, think in terms of two. The best configuration is one leg in the back and one leg in the front. The legs have curves in them at the bottom of each side so that they resemble a large U. This way it won't dig into the ground and the chair is stable.

Wide Legs Even Out Pressure

If you do not want to look for the curved, tubular type of lawn chairs, a wide leg is also very useful for keeping the chair from digging into the grass. A wider leg leaves more of a footprint, but will distribute more of the weight so the leg does not dig. It will leave an indent, but that will not be noticeable in a few hours.

Keep Leg Caps On

A lot of lawn patio chairs do come in the four-leg variety. These legs are essentially posts that can dig into the ground when pressure is applied. However, this tendency is lessened when the chair legs have plastic caps over them.

Wood or Plastic is Better

Aluminum has been used in lawn chair design for a long time. However, wood, or hard resin plastic, is the material that should be used. A wooden chair, usually in the form of an Adirondack chair, will not cause any damage to the grass as it usually rests low and the weight is distributed across the entire chair. A plastic leg will either taper or flare out, but have two sides. They form their own stabilizer and will not cut into the soil.

What If Legs Are Digging?

When you notice that your legs are actually digging into your grass, you must take action quickly or it will damage your lawn. You should attach some simple platforms to the end of the legs to keep them from digging in. They can be made of wood or anything you have that is flat and can be easily attached to the leg.