Letter Stencils

Letter stencils are ready-made outlines that represent each letter of the alphabet. Alphabet stencils can come in a number of styles and have many uses both practical and artistic.

Letter stencil styles

Letter stencils can range greatly in size and typeface. The most common lettering stencils range from those that are about a half-inch in height up to a foot or more. The typefaces used in letter stencils can range from standard block form letters to fancier designs that resemble calligraphy.

Alphabet stencils and their uses

Letter stencils have a variety of uses on both the practical and creative fronts. Depending on the size and typeface in question, a letter stencil may be used for:

  • Addressing mailboxes – Letter stencils are commonly used to create the outlines for names and addresses on mailboxes. The outlines are then painted in for a finished look. It is also possible to use a letter stencil as the outline and paint right over it to create the finished character.
  • Creating signs – When a neat, orderly appearance is desired for a sign, alphabet stencils can be quite useful.
  • Drafting invitations – Letter stencils on the smaller scale can be used for writing invitations, fliers and other small documents.
  • Glass etching – Letter stencils can also be used to guide the glass etching process.
  • Painting – Artists sometimes use lettering stencils to facilitate their paintings and graphic designs.