Leveling a Prehung Door: 5 Tips

Necessary materials for leveling a prehung door can be obtained from a hardware store. These includes nails and wood shims. To help reduce on expenses, tools and equipment can be obtained from rentals. Proper organization makes it easier to do a thorough job in the shortest time possible.

Tip 1 - Leveling

Shim pieces can be used to fill the space between the jamb and the rough opening located on the hinge side of the door. This makes it vertical and it aligns with the required level. It is advisable to overlap shims as it provides a leveled surface to insert screws and it provides a good finishing.

Tip 2 - Keep Checking

Continue checking for plumb and level on all surfaces. It makes it possible to continue working with the correct dimensions and the door can hung properly once the job is finished. Make correction as soon as discrepancies in size and measurements are observed.

Tip 3 - Securing the Door

When installing the door, use longer screw nails in the center of the jamb hinge. It secures and fastens the door firmly. This can be done on all the jamb hinges used to fix the door.

Tip 4 - Attractive Finish

Place putty on all nail frames found on the door and frame. This gives a smooth surface when applying paint or wood stain. Remember to apply paint using strokes facing the same direction. Apply thin coats as well.