Guide to Leveling A Garage Floor

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The process of leveling a garage floor doesn't need to be handled by a professional concrete contractor. leveling out a garage floor can make it much easier to install any type of cabinetry or workbenches.

The first step in leveling a garage floor is to determine the high point of the floor. This can be done by taking a measurement inside the garage from the concrete slab to the top of the foundation wall. After all, it's always easier to add material to bring the rest of the floor to the same level as the high point than it would be to remove material to get to the low point.

Most homeowners lack the skill of an experienced concrete contractor in providing a smooth and level finish on a concrete floor, which is known as "floating" in industry terms. For this reason there are self-leveling compounds that take the guess work out of "floating" a concrete floor.

All that's required in leveling a garage floor is to mix the product according to the manufacturer's directions and pour it over the affected areas. Since the product is water-based, it flows with gravity to fill in the low areas of the slab.

Using a self-leveling compound allows any homeowner to complete leveling a garage floor like a seasoned pro.