Light Switch Installation: How to Install a Neutral Wire

Planning a light switch installation is not typically challenging, even for the do-it-yourself novice. Just knowing about the neutral wire and how to connect it will make your electrical installation more simple.

Avoiding the Danger of Electrical Power

Even though the neutral wire by itself doesn't carry an electrical charge, other wires in the switch will. So, you'll need to shut off your power to the switch at your circuit breaker panel and check your switch to be sure there's no power there.

Exposing Your Neutral Wire

To install your neutral wire in your switch, you'll need to remove the wall plate by removing the screws that hold it in place. Then, pull the switch out of the electrical box. You will find 3 wires, a black (hot), a copper (bare), and a white, which is your neutral wire. To connect the neutral wire, you'll need to strip off about 5/8" of the insulation from the tip of the white wire. If your switch terminals have screws, you'll need to bend the wire into a U shape, slip it over the screw terminal, and tighten the screw.

Wrapping up

Once you replace the switch in its box and replace the wall plate, you'll be ready to turn the power back on.