Tips for Lighting the Home Office

Home offices are becoming more and more popular, and with more people working out of their homes, it has never been more important to provide a well lit workspace. The right lighting can significantly cut down on problems such as eye strain and headaches, and the right task lighting can help everyone in the home office be more productive.

A well lit workspace is important for the rest of the home as well, and the right lighting will make it easier for the kids to do their homework and all family members to get their important tasks completed.

When setting up lighting for the home office, consider the layout of the room, including light from any windows and any other sources of ambient light. It is also important to consider the locations of any computer terminals, laptops, printers and other equipment, and then to place lighting fixtures accordingly. In some cases it will be possible to simply add on to the lighting that already exists in the room, while in other cases it may be best to start from scratch and redesign a lighting scheme that fits with the room's role as a home office.

As you set up the lighting in your home office, it is important to set up a comfortable work environment, one that is free of harsh contrasts and glare. Glare on computer monitors and other workspaces can cause serious eye strain and headaches, so it is important to position computer monitors accordingly, and to use anti-glare screens where necessary.

Task lighting is important as well, and as the workspace is set up, it is a good idea to add task lighting for such important tasks as reading, writing and working on the computer. In addition, the light in the surrounding area should be bright enough to provide for a comfortable workspace, but not so bright as to create undue glare. It is important as well to consider the changing nature of light coming from outside during the course of the day, and to design lighting solutions accordingly.

Of course, the home office can become a showplace as well, and the business owner may want to include some accent lighting for trophies, certificates and other business awards. This accent lighting can provide a more relaxed and beautiful workspace, as well as communicating to visitors that the office is professionally run and the business is competent and accomplished.

There are of course many different choices for lighting the home office. When it comes to general lighting, a ceiling light can work very well. Skylights built into the home can provide excellent home office lighting as well, as can an assortment of pole and table lamps.

Task lighting can be provided by an assortment of adjustable desk lamps, as well as light bars mounted under cubicles or computer desks. The lamps should be positioned in such a way that they will not reflect on any computer screens, and it may be necessary to reposition the task lighting as the ambient light from outside the window begins to shift.

It can take some time to get the lighting in the home office just right, but it is important to consider this important part of setting up the home office and to give it the care and consideration it deserves. The right light environment will serve to make the office and the workspace much more pleasant and efficient.