Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Dacor

The best way to bring about the warmth of the holiday cheer is through fancy Christmas décor. Christmas won’t seem complete without the little things that complement it. Décors do not need to be very expensive though. A little creativity, resourcefulness, and of course, a hint of personal touch is all that is needed.

Stars That Light Our Way

Stars have always been associated with Christmas, making for excellent Christmas décor given their versatility. They come in different sizes and can be interpreted in a number of ways. Here is a great way to brighten up any home. Just take a sheet of plywood to cut out a form of a star. You can make use of the traditional shape or make up your own. Cut out another form of the same star on the inside but make it smaller. Spray paint on the wood with a white, gold or silver color. Line the edges with white or yellow rice lights. Cut a thin piece of wood to be used as a support for the star. You can now stick the stars on your porch or along the driveway to welcome anyone into the comfort of your home.

Ordinary Can Be Pretty Too

When on a tight budget, you may just recycle what you have, making it more pleasing to the eye for the Christmas season. Ordinary lamps or lanterns brighten up any room or corner at the house. A little creativity can turn them from functional into decorative works of art in minutes. You just need some art materials, like gold or silver metallic paper, cutting tools, cardboard, a ball of string, some tape and glue. Simply cut out any shape from the cardboard and cover the shapes with metallic paper. Attach a piece of string to the star or make a hole to tie the string. Glue or tape the other end to the bottom of the lantern.

You can cut the pieces of string at varying lengths for better effect. Tie a red bow on your lantern’s top to make it more festive. Hang the lantern beside the door or by the window. The glow from the lantern will illuminate the gold-covered shapes and add a little sparkle of cheer to your home for less than nothing.

Simplicity Touches the Heart

In any Christmas décor, water and Christmas make for a simple but touching ensemble. It projects a powerful and profound message to this season of the year. A pool is the perfect place to add a festive feel to your home. Cut out wooden squares (or you may use light wooden coasters) and place a small pillar candle in the middle, preferably red, pink or purple-colored to echo the season. Embellish the candle with silver or gold studs by gluing them to the sides in a pattern or randomly.

Place the wooden squares into the water, with the decorative candle in the middle. If you do not have a pool, any wide but shallow basin-like structure will do. Fill it up with water to the brim and place as many floating candles as desired.

Now, it doesn’t matter what type of Christmas decorations you will have or how many can fill up your home. The feeling you bestowed on the décor is important, making it precious and priceless, compared to the one that you buy in stores.