Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets

Rarely, it seems, is there enough light in the kitchen, and one of the darkest spots is under the kitchen cabinets. You cannot remove your kitchen cabinets because they are tremendously useful but their looming presence makes the lighting on the counter dim at best.

You could hire a professional to come to the home to wire lights for under the kitchen cabinets or you can do it yourself for much less money. The following article will share with you several ways to creatively light the space under the kitchen cabinets.

Rope Lights

Many people look at rope lights as a seasonal decoration. Around Christmas time you will see many homes using white and blue light ropes as part of their displays. The same can be said for black, purple and orange rope lights are being used during Halloween.

Light ropes can be used as a very effective light source under the kitchen cabinets. The beauty of rope lights is that they can be cut to your needs and they can be combined with other rope lights (of the same brand) to make longer ropes. All you need is some epoxy and an open outlet. Spread the epoxy along the rope light and then press it under the cabinet with the end where the socket is located.

Push Lights

Many dollar stores and large department stores carry lights that have a dome over them that you push in order to turn the light on. These lights use batteries to operate and are easily to install. You will want one for every 6 inches of counter you have to light. There are a few ways you could use to mount them but the safest and easiest way is to use contact strips. These are strips you can install under the kitchen cabinets that when you pull one end and release the strip is unfastened. You can attach the lights to these so when you have to change a battery it is simple to do and does not mean ruining the wood.

Mini Track Lighting

Many companies are making small lights that are on tracks that are meant for use in dorms of home offices. You can use these in your kitchen instead. These track lighting units consist of usually three lights per set. Depending on the size of the space you are working with you can use as many as one set or as much as three sets. You would install them as you normally would but do so under the kitchen cabinets. Try to get them as centered as possible. Another great thing about these lights is that they can be adjusted on the track as well having the lights themselves being able to be turned and tilted.

Tube Lighting

There are small fluorescent lights that are often used on desks to provide light. You can use these under kitchen cabinets. Many of these require an outlet so that will be your chief concern. Use double sided tape to attach them under the kitchen cabinets.