Lighting Your Backyard with Outdoor Candle Lanterns

Outdoor candle lanterns make patios, walkways and gardens look elegant. You can incorporate them into your outdoor space by hanging them, placing them on tables and other outdoor furniture or by using floor standing lanterns. They can make a great focal point or accent a decorating style that you're working with. As long as you choose the right materials, they are safe to use. Here are some things to consider as you plan how to light your backyard with outdoor candle lanterns:

Hanging Candle Lanterns

The most popular way to display candle lanterns is to hang them. You can hang them on just about anything outside, such as lighting posts and hangers that are mounted to the walls outside. It's important to choose safe locations, because you will be burning candles in the lanterns. Some good materials to choose for your lanterns are:

  • Wrought iron
  • Fire-retardant nylon
  • Glass
  • Bronze

Even though many lanterns are made out of metal or other fire proof material, it pays to be as safe as possible. You should avoid hanging them on tree branches and on materials that can easily catch fire.

Table Top Lanterns

The same rules for hanging outdoor candle lanterns apply to table top lanterns. You should only use lanterns made out of fire resistant materials. It's also important to keep them away from flammable material, such as table cloths and plants. Table top lanterns are functional and not just decorative. You can use the lanterns to light up your outdoor entertainment and dining experiences by using mirror bases to reflect more light, or by using glass and other materials that will give off more light. You can also use a lantern as a centerpiece, instead of floral arrangements. Many table top lanterns have a loop at the top, in case you change your mind and want to hang them up.

Floor Standing Lanterns

A floor standing lantern is a great option if you don't have outdoor furniture to place a table top lantern, or if you don't want to hang the lantern. You can also use it in addition to both types of lanterns, and to add more light to your outdoor decor. You don't have to install a floor standing lantern, and you can put them in hard to light areas in your outdoor space. The stands come in a variety of styles that act as its own design element. Some floor standing lanterns are built with hooks for you to hang lanterns, and others are built for the lantern to rest on a base at the top of the stand. You should buy stands that are weather resistant and rust free to save money. Otherwise, you'll end up replacing the stands often. The lantern should be water proof and wind proof as well, to preserve the lantern and to keep the candle burning inside.

It's a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher close by when you're dealing with many outdoor candle lanterns. They are safe to use, but it's wise to be prepared for the worst possible scenario.