Limestone Countertops

Limestone countertops are made from limestone and are a viable option for working surfaces in kitchens.

Properties of Limestone Countertops

Limestone has a few very unique characteristics. These need to be considered before deciding on using limestone for the material of your new countertops.

Limestone can resist high levels of humidity and high temperatures. It is therefore an extremely practical option for hot and humid areas like kitchens.

Limestone countertops are mainly comprised of calcite or crystallized calcium carbonate. These can react with acidic solutions. Also, excessive exposure to acidic substances can erode the limestone surface.

Limestone countertops tend to be extremely heavy. The cost of manufacturing, transporting and installing limestone countertops can be fairly high and should be considered before installation.

Limestone is a porous material and requires regular and proper resealing. This is essential so that substances that drop on the surface do not penetrate deep inside and cause permanent stains.

Limestone is a natural product and is available naturally in many colors. However, the availability of a specific color is determined by the site it was mined from. Limestone varies in hardness. Some varieties are almost as soft as marble whole others are more dense and comparable to granite.