Linoleum vs Recycled Rubber Flooring

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Both linoleum and recycled rubber flooring are good options for floors and each has its own pros and cons as to whether or not it should be used. Sometimes it merely depends on personal choice or monetary means. Here is a look at the pros and cons of recycled rubber flooring and linoleum.

Features of Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is eco-friendly flooring due to the fact it comes from a mixture of cork, linseed oil, and other natural products. It is easy to make in multiple colors due to the fact that the dye is saturated all the way through the material. It comes in both a sheet form and as tiles. It is also water-resistant, which is good in flooring material as it protects the floor underneath. An added bonus is that since linoleum flooring has linseed oil in it, it naturally repels mold.

Linoleum is popular for use in kitchens, hallways, and since it is hypoallergenic, it is used a lot of times in medical facilities. If well cared for, linoleum flooring is designed to last for many years. It’s also easily cleaned with mild soap and a mop or swept with a broom when needed.

One disadvantage of linoleum is that it can be scratched easily. It is also very difficult for the do-it-yourself type person to install and it is recommended only a very knowledgeable person do it. This is due to the prep work that has to be done, such as laying down a layer of waterproof concrete to protect the floor underneath and making sure the floor underneath is perfectly smooth so it doesn’t bubble up.

However, it is a fairly inexpensive flooring option, costing about $2 to $3 a square foot. In recent years, this kind of flooring has seen a comeback and is back in style.

Features of Recycled Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring can be made from recycled materials or raw rubber, usually old ground-up tires. Recycled rubber flooring is also eco-friendly since it is reusing old material that has been recycled. It has the advantage of being a versatile product that is good for high traffic areas like gyms, playgrounds, or pet areas. Just like linoleum flooring, you can buy it in a variety of colors and patterns.

Rubber too is water-resistant and comes in the form of tiles. Since rubber is pliable, it also repels dents and it is highly slip-resistant. It also acts as a shock absorber, which is great for people who have to stand for long periods of time, as it is easier on their feet.

It’s also good if anyone suffers from allergies, as rubber doesn’t attract allergy-causing products as carpets do. It also lasts much longer due to its makeup.

This flooring is great for areas such as gyms, garages, pet kennels, playgrounds, or other high-traffic areas.

One disadvantage is that recycled rubber flooring sometimes costs more than linoleum. However, it can often be found in a similar price range as linoleum flooring, costing around $2 to $3 a square foot.