Liven up Fabric Roman Shades with Hand-Painted Designs

Brighten and add dash to your fabric roman shades with hand-painted designs such as abstract shapes, flowers, or an entire picture, revealed only when the shade is fully closed. Learn how to use acrylic fabric paint to achieve unique effects on your fabric roman shades.

What You'll Need

Obtain acrylic fabric paint, fabric paint base, wide and narrow brushes at a crafts supply store. Buy two of each paint color so you can apply more than one coat if needed. Choose a stencil from the crafts store or make your own from a lightweight plastic binder divider.

Where to Paint

Lay the roman shades out on a table or on the floor fully opened. Leave the heavy dowel in the bottom to keep the shade from shifting as you paint.

How to Paint

Outline your design with the stencil. Apply fabric paint base and let it dry for 1 hour. Thin paint slightly, and outline with a narrow brush. Fill in the shape with a broad brush. To create abstract designs, dip such items as a potato masher, a toothbrush or a comb into the paint and streak or dab them on the shade. No fabric paint base is needed. Allow the shade to dry overnight and hang it up.