Load-bearing Wall

Knowing what a load-bearing wall is could save you many problems. This is because a load-bearing wall carries and distributes parts of the house upon it. Accidentally knocking down a load-bearing wall without the proper support can cause injury or death as the structure may collapse.

Load-bearing walls are tricky to find. There are a few steps you can take to help you narrow down your search.

  • The outside walls are always considered load-bearing walls. Not only do they help support any other stories but they are the main support for the roof.
  • In the basement you should look for any kind of concrete footers and grinders. This is a good signal that the beam directly above them is load bearing.
  • Interior walls that happen to be perpendicular to the rafters are also load-bearing walls.
  • Another good sign that the wall is load bearing is if there is a support beam above the wall or a wall below it.
  • Finally you can always check the building plans of your home to see which are load-bearing walls.

Load-bearing Wall Suggestions

With a load-bearing wall being so important you should never start remodeling before knowing which walls are load-bearing. If you can’t figure out which walls are load-bearing make sure to call a contractor or a structural engineer before you start your work.