Loft Bed Frame Sizes- What's Too Big

The loft bed frame that you choose is going to make a big difference in how it will be used in your room. A loft bed is much like a bunk bed, but without the bottom bed. Usually there is room under the bed for a desk, shelves, seating, and even a play area for kids. You might think that you want to buy the biggest loft bed you can find. Rethink your decision.

Height Is Too Dangerous

If your child is still small, you want to consider the height of the loft bed frame. For a child who is four feet tall, you will not want to go over 4 to 5 feet for the height of the loft bed. The child will still have plenty of room underneath for studying and reading and the bed will not be too high off the ground.

Not Enough Room Between Ceiling and Bed

Some ceilings are going to be lower than others and a standard loft bed may be too high to be safe. You should have at least 16 to 24 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the bed. This will make sure that the child has enough room to move around without feeling closed in or banging his or her head against the ceiling.