London Plane Tree vs Sycamore Tree

The London Plane Tree is a deciduous tree that grows quite tall (up to 100 feet or more) and has thick, broad, maple like leaves. The bark of the tree is a pale grey-green color that is exfoliating. The London Plane Tree produces flowers in the Spring that are coated with very fine, minute hairs. A close cousin of the London Plane Tree is the Sycamore tree. Each one has their own special qualities.

Urban Dwelling

The sycamore tree is an impressive tree in its own right. Standing as tall as the London Plane Tree, it thrives in places where it can get clean, fresh air. The London Plane Tree will do just fine in a city setting. They are commonly seen in parks and along city streets.

Great Root Structure

Regular sycamore trees need a lot of room to grow. Their large roots spread out over a large area. London Plane trees, on the other hand, can grow in very compact areas and their roots do not mind, and even thrive, when they are compacted.

Fungus Resistant

One of the problems with sycamore trees is that they are very susceptible to Anthracnose fungus which makes leaves turn brown and contorts stem growth. This can be very dangerous to the tree and cause a cluster of growth on the limbs. The London Plane does not have a problem with this fungus as it is naturally resistant to it.