Long Lasting Torch Oil for the Outdoors

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Torch oil can be inexpensive and long-lasting. The best oils have a long burning time and can be inexpensive. Most outdoor torches contain a simple lamp oil which gives them the ability to burn for a long period of time. Inside the shell of the torch, there is a wick that absorbs the oil. Torch oil comes in gas form or just oil.

Paraffin oil (kerosene) or citronella oil are the most popular oils used for outdoor torches. These two generic oils can be combined and used together as well. There are a couple of oil types discussed below that work great for outdoor torches and are inexpensive.

Paraffin Oil (Kerosene)

Paraffin oil (also called by its generic name, kerosene) has no odor and is harmless. Paraffin oil has also been known to have a long burning time. Paraffin oil is usually the most common fuel used as torch oil because it is inexpensive and burns clean. There is less of an odor than with citronella oil.

Paraffin oil is sometimes used combined with citronella oil to give it the benefit of being able to repel insects. The most easy and cost effective way to get oil for your outdoor torch is to purchase the paraffin lamp oil. The price is based on the amount you need, but is still inexpensive nonetheless.

Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is essential in lemon grass, and is used often as a fuel for outdoor torches that many people find to be a pleasant odor. Citronella oil is very beneficial in it has the benefit of naturally deterring insects. Citronella oil can last either for an entire evening or for up to ten hours. Citronella oil also comes in a smoke free form and is inexpensive. This particular type can be used in outdoor torches with fiberglass wicks and are 100% liquid paraffin based.

Gas or Propane

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A natural gas or propane can be used to create the torch instead of a traditional paraffin oil or citronella oil. When using gas or propane based fluid, a tank is filled with the fluid through a supply pipe that connects to the torch itself. Although the flame will continuously burn, you will not get the same impact visually as the oil based flame. When using the gas or propane based flame, the torch will need to be maintained well by keeping the blockages and carbon deposits in the pipe cleaned.

Iso Paraffin

Iso paraffin is used on rare occasions as oil for outdoor torches. It is known as white gas and is mostly used for performances. It is very easy to ignite and burns very brightly. It leaves a clear evaporation and does not leave any type of residue or smoke on the torch wick. It does burn fast which limits the burning time. It is only to be used at outdoor events. It is not easy to obtain in the U.S. since it has an alternate use in making methamphetamine.