Louvered Closet Doors: 5 Makeover Ideas

It is easy to give your louvered closet doors a new look with these 4 makeover ideas.

1. Paint the Doors

A fresh coat of paint will significantly improve the doors' appearance. Use a neutral color to blend in with surroundings, or a bright color to generate excitement.

2. Frosted Glass Inserts

Remove the slats from the closet doors. After cutting frosted plexiglass to size, use a high strength glue to attach the sheets to the door. This will allow light to shine through and create a muted glow.

3. Brushed Metal Inserts

Using the same method for the frosted glass, cut metal inserts to fit the door panels. If you simply want a clean, metallic look, use lightweight aluminum flashing from a home improvement store. If you want to make it magnetic you will need to use a ferrous metal, such as stainless steel.

4. Chalkboard Paint

Paint wooden or metal boards with chalkboard paint. Insert them into the door panels, and decorate with chalk.

5. New Hardware

You can attach new knobs to the door using a simple screwdriver.