Love Birds as Pets: 4 Household Materials for Nesting

When you are keen to have a pair of love birds as pets, you must be aware of what it takes to look after them properly. As part of this process, it is useful to know what household materials can be used for nesting.

1 – Newspaper

Newspaper is an ideal material to use for nesting for your love birds pets. Cutting it into strips will make it easy for the birds to manipulate and they can make smaller strips if that suits them better. If you are concerned about the ink, you can also use paper that is free from dye or ink as an alternative.

2 – Paper Towels

Unscented kitchen paper towels can be used by the love birds pets for nesting material. You may even find that the birds will cut strips and tuck them into their tail feathers

3 – Plant Leaves

If you have plants around your home or garden that insecticides are not used on, you will find that the leaves will make good nesting material. Your love birds pets will use their beaks to create the strips that they want.

4 – Wood Shavings

If you are good with woodworking projects, you do not have to let any wood shavings go to waste. In the wild, the birds will make use of bark as nesting material.