Low Cost Carpet Glue Removal Methods

Most of us will need to be skilled at carpet glue removal at one point or another. Whether the kids have an accident with the arts and crafts glue; you accidentally step on a tube of Super Glue; or if adhesive from the backside of tape finds it way on to your carpet, you are more likely than not to experience a situation where you will need to be able to remove the adhesive from your carpet.

There are many commercial (when translated means expensive) products that can be used to remove all types of glue from the carpet in your home. However, you will probably have just as much luck with products you already probably have in your home. Although low-cost home remedies may be a little more cumbersome, they do work.

The Heat and Pull Method

Although this method doesn't work with all types of glues and adhesives, it has been known to be very effective. In order to remove glue from carpet, you may need nothing more than hot water. Because glue melts when it gets hot, the hot water can you be used to make the glue pliable.

Once you soften the glue with the hot water, you can then take a sponge or damp towel and pull the adhesive out of the carpet. Although you may not be able to remove all of the glue this way, you will be able to remove a fair portion of it. You can then use other methods to remove the minor amount of glue that remains. On the other hand, if the nap of the carpet is very short, this method may allow you to remove all of the glue from the carpeted area.

Freeze and Scrape

With common glue type such as school glue or basic contact cement, many people have had success removing the adhesive by freezing it and scraping away. In order to do this, place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and set the bag on top of the area where the glue is stuck into the carpet. Allow the ice to sit long enough so that it freezes the adhesive. Then, take a plastic scraping tool or other hard object in simply scrape the adhesive away.

Solvents from the Garage

You may have several cheap glue removal solvents already in your garage. For instance, mineral spirits and paint thinner are effective in removing many types of adhesives. Although you don't want to use these types of solvents on light colored or expensive carpet, they are a great way of removing glue or adhesive from rugs or carpeted areas that aren't as noticeable. However, if you choose to use these types of solvents on your carpet, apply a small amount first to see if it discolors the carpet or not.

The Old Stand Bys: Lemon Juice and Vinegar

If you want to be environmentally friendly, you can try the old wives' remedies. Lemon juice and white vinegar can be effective in removing many types of glue from carpet. However, this is usually not a quick way of removing adhesive and may require several applications. Nevertheless, the procedure is simple enough: simply wet the affected area with lemon juice and vinegar and then use an old toothbrush to to brush away the adhesive. Allow the vinegar or lemon juice to soak in for 30 minutes to one hour before scrubbing.