Low Voltage Landscaping Lighting

Low voltage landscaping lighting provides for an economical and environmentally safe way to utilize lighting systems.

You can use low voltage lights are used for a variety of outdoor applications, including:

  • Illuminate walkway entrances
  • Accent steps and curbing
  • Outline driveways
  • Accentuate landscape
  • Highlight architectural features
  • Decorate patios, decks and flowerbed

What is low voltage landscaping lighting?

A low voltage landscape lighting system consists of a plug-in transformer, low voltage cable and low voltage light fixtures. The transformer plugs into a grounded outdoor power receptacle and reduces 110 volt current (standard) to a "safe" 12 volts (low voltage). The cable attaches to the transformer and distributes power to the light fixtures connected along the length of the cable. An outdoor, 110-volt (standard U.S. household current) power outlet with a GFCI (ground fault interruption circuit) receptacle is required. This receptacle should also utilize a while in use weatherproof cover, designed to protect the plugs that are used in it.