Low-Voltage Exterior Lighting Options

Low-voltage exterior lighting is a great way to spice up the outside of your home. If your yard or property is too dark at night, or if the area around your house is dark and you're concerned about being able to find your way as you walk to or from a door, low-voltage exterior lighting may be the best option for you. This type of lighting is relatively inexpensive, and it's very cost efficient. The amount of energy used at any time to power these low-voltage lights is minimal. They provide a nice ambiance without flooding an outdoor space with light when you don't want them to.

Staircase Lighting

One of the most popular options for low-voltage exterior lighting is staircase lighting. These lights are typically mounted alongside the stairs leading up to your front door, if you have them. The provide a nice ambiance as you enter or exit the house at night, and they can also be helpful in finding your way when it's dark outside. Additionally, they serve a slight security related function as well, as they're more likely to deter potential robbers or vandals from approaching your home too. Staircase lights are typically either mounted individually above ground, typically on each of the stairs themselves, or else they're mounted into the stairs or the sides of the stairs in some cases, depending upon the materials that you have that make up your staircase.

Freestanding Lighting

Homes that have particular sets of outdoor fixtures or furniture may wish to have lights standing outside to help illuminate those pieces. This opens up the furniture for use on a warm summer night. You can also mount lights in certain places throughout the yard to view your property at night; this can either be a security measure or simply a way to enjoy the trees and plants in your yard. Lights that are used for this purpose are typically either freestanding and mounted individually, like the ones in the staircase lighting scenario above, or else they are oftentimes mounted on a single rack or straight mounting system. This is more effective if you're looking to light up a single area from a number of different angles and sides.

Porch and Garage Lighting

Many people opt to use low-voltage lights to illuminate the porch and the garage as well. These lights are not as effective for security purposes as those that are designed as flood lights or motion sensitive systems, but they can nonetheless help to cast a general amount of light on these parts of your home. This is a good idea for someone who plans to leave lights on over these areas for a good portion of time, as the low-voltage lights cost less to use and are more environmentally-friendly than standard lights for this purpose.