Low-Voltage Patio Lighting: Transformer Power

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Adding low-voltage patio lighting to your front yard will not only make your home look lovely at night, it will also help you feel safer as you can easily see your surroundings. No, you do not need to spend so much money or hire a professional to install your low-voltage patio-lighting. This task is relatively easy and with the right tools and materials, you can do the job all by yourself. To help you set up your patio lighting, here are some important things that you need to know about your patio lighting power transformer.

Function of the Transformer

Since you only need about 12 volts to light up your patio, you will need a transformer to convert or step down the current voltage of your home electrical system. To light up your patio, you need a transformer that has enough power capacity to support the wattage requirements of all the lights on your patio plus 1-watt allowance for every 10 feet of electrical wires you used to string the lights. You should opt for a higher capacity transformer that can accommodate changes in your wattage requirements.

Installing the Transformer

Your transformer needs to be plugged into a secure outdoor electrical outlet and fitted with a safety cover that closes around the power cord or wire.